Public Art Planning

Via Partnership has developed innovative public art plans for public agencies, private developers and arts and cultural organizations, large and small, across the U.S. and Canada. Via can provide the following services:


• Develop mission, vision and guiding principles
• Involve community in the “imagining” process
• Establish operating policies and procedures
• Identify and prioritize art opportunities
• Outline staffing needs
• Research and evaluate funding options

• Design and conduct benchmarking studies, program reviews and evaluations


Since 1999, Via Partnership has developed more than 30 public art plans and strategies for clients in the United States and Canada. We have led efforts to retool public art programs in cities as diverse as Nashville, San José, Vancouver and Washington, D.C. We have helped launch new public art programs in Florida, Virginia, Missouri, Rhode Island and Texas. We have developed specialized public art plans for downtowns and multi-phase private development projects; trails and greenways; transit systems, airports and sports arenas; and specific city agencies.


Our planning processes are designed to meet the unique needs and expectations of each community we work with. Our approach is expansive with a strong emphasis on research, stakeholder and community engagement, and a deep understanding of public art practice. Our team brings a unique combination of experience in public art planning and project management and we understand what it takes for recommendations to catalyze action.


We believe that public art programs must respond to community visions; build on opportunities they can find through partnerships with public agencies, cultural organizations and community groups; and create an engaged public that sees public art as vital to their community’s future. We are experienced with many creative approaches to involving people in our planning processes at all levels and we are methodical in establishing clear goals for community engagement.


Our toolkit is constantly evolving as we work with artists and our clients to develop plans that engage the public and respond to the unique needs of individual communities.


Contact us at to learn more about our public art planning work.


Pictured Above: Imagine Art Here! Workshop for Downtown St. Louis, 2017.