Center of Clayton Public Art


Center of Clayton Public Art

Client: City of Clayton, Missouri

Location: Clayton, Missouri

Selected Artists: Alice Aycock

Pictured Above: The Uncertainty of Ground State Fluctuations by Alice Aycock, 2007. Photo courtesy of the artist.


From 2004 to 2007, Via worked with the City of Clayton, Missouri, the Clayton Art Commission, and the Clayton Sports Wellness and Recreation Commission to manage a public art project for The Center of Clayton, the City’s recreation and community center. The resulting artwork is Alice Aycock’s whimsical piece entitled, The Uncertainty of Ground State Fluctuations.


Via had previously worked with the City of Clayton to develop a comprehensive public art master plan. Since the adoption of its plan, Via has worked with the City of Clayton and numerous partners to build the community’s public art collection. In 2002, Via helped the city commission emerging artist Todd Frahm to create Youth, a playful sculpture made of Bedford Limestone, to fit with the Park’s renovation plans. The park is now known in the community as “Acorn Park,” after the sculpture.



Most recently, Via worked with the City of Clayton and the Clayton Century Foundation to facilitate the selection of James Surls’ Molecular Bloom with Single Flower for Shaw Park. The artwork was installed to celebrate the City’s centennial in 2013. It serves as a gateway to the City’s premier park, and is also a visible icon from the central business district