Works on Water: 26 Days of Art + Theatre

Works on Water: 26 Days of Art + Theater

Project: Exhibition Curation and Production
Client: New Georges
Location: New York, NY

Curatorial Team Members: Emily Blumenfeld, Clarinda Mac Low, Eve Mosher, Nancy Nowacek, Katie Pearl and Sarah Cameron Sunde


Works on Water was presented by New Georges with 3LD Art & Technology Center and Urban Water Artists in collaboration with Guerilla Science. The exhibition was anchored by artists who make work with water as site or material. They include Torkwase Dyson, Floating Studios for Dark Ecologies (Marina Zurkow, with Nicholas Hubbard and Rebecca Lieberman), Marie Lorenz, Mare Liberum, Mary Mattingly, Paloma McGregor, Eve Mosher, Nancy Nowacek, Sarah Cameron Sunde and TRYST (Clarinda Mac Low, Carolyn Hall and Paul Benney), many of whom are defining the field through longtime commitments to New York City waterways and urban ecology.


For 26 days in June 2017 the public was invited to take part in a wide variety of performances and experiences, from multi-disciplinary conversations and workshops, to live performances and curated, interactive walking tours taking place in all five boroughs of New York City. Detailed descriptions are here. Via produced the exhibition and Expeditions and served as a member of the Curatorial Team.


Exhibition: The exhibition was a rare opportunity to see works by well-known artists who are doing important time-based and site-specific work out in the world translated into a gallery setting.

Expeditions: Curated walking tours, discussions, and site-specific performances at locations across New York City. Select performances also took place as part of the lunchtime Arts Brookfield Series at Zuccotti Park. Participating artists included Lise Brenner, Audrey Gámez, Helen Georgas, Sto Len, Rachel Parish, Nicki Pombier, Rachel Stevens, Celine Song and Mariel Villeré.

Conversations: Curated by Katie Pearl and Guerilla Science, a series of ten public conversations among an interdisciplinary group of artists, scientists, urban planners, academics, and other water-related professionals took place inside the Works on Water exhibition at the 3LD Art & Technology Center. Blumenfeld, of Via Partnership facilitated the Place-making, Place-taking, Place-keeping Conversation with WoW artists Dylan Gauthier (representing the artist collective Mare Liberum) and Paloma McGregor (Building a Better Fishtrap), and Olivia Georgia from City as a Living Laboratory.



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