Nashville Public Art Community Investment Plan

Nashville Public Art Community Investment Plan

Client: Metro Arts, Nashville, TN
Date Completed: 2017
Location: Nashville, TN

Partner: Todd W. Bressi

Pictured Above: Artist Residency at Madison Community Center by Brandon Donahue, 2017. Photo courtesy of Metro Arts.


With Nashville, Tennessee undergoing the strains of  rapid economic growth combined with gentrification and persistent pockets of poverty, the city-county Metro Arts Commission issued a unique challenge: What would a public art program look like if its resources were organized to address issues of equity in the community, to achieve the vision that everyone in Nashville participates in a creative life?


Via, working with urban planner Todd W. Bressi, led a year-long planning process that explored this question and produced a new blueprint for Metro Public Art. The “community investment plan” established new goals for a strengthened public art ecosystem, cultural participation, vibrant neighborhoods and vital public places. For each goal, the plan outlined a series of strategies and tactics, focusing less on recommendations for specific public art projects and more on the catalytic role that Metro Arts could play in unlocking and supporting the creative forces in Nashville’s communities. The plan also charted fruitful new partnerships with Metro agencies focused on providing services to Nashville’s underserved communities.