Mapping and Marking Exhibition

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Mapping and Marking Exhibition

Client: City of Vancouver, BC
Location: Vancouver, BC
Partners: Karen Henry, Independent Curator and Joost Bakker, Hotson Bakker Boniface Haden
Selected Artists: Project Rainbow (Sydney Vermont, Heidi Nutley, Jesse Birch, Jade Boyd), Fiona Bowie,
Geoffrey Farmer, Vanessa Kwan, Ken Lum, David MacWilliam, Anna Ruth, Paul Wong

Pictured Above: Every Letter in the Alphabet by Geoffrey Farmer, 2010. Kingsway Luminaires by David MacWilliam, 2010. Monument for East Vancouver by Ken Lum, 2010. Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver by Vanessa Kwan, 2010. Sensory Maps of Vancouver by Anna Ruth, 2010. by Paul Wong, 2010. Photos courtesy of the artists. 


“Marking is a gesture that requires an engagement between people and place. Through the act of marking or
leaving our mark, we give landscapes social significance and deposit evidence of our existence, our memories,
and our experiences. Mapping is an act of exploring and then representing an idea ‐ of a place, a space, a system,
a concept ‐ real or imaginary”. 
– Mapping and Marking 2010 Call to Artists


One of the key recommendations in the City of Vancouver’s Public Art Program Review, authored by Meridith McKinley of Via Partnership, urban planner and designer Todd Bressi and artist Valerie Otani, was for the City’s public art program to develop a program that invited artists to propose artworks based on their own ideas and art practices at public sites of their choosing.  Subsequently, the City hired Via to lead a team to pilot an artist-initiated public art program as part of the City’s Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program for the 2010 Winter Games.


Via led a team that included Vancouver-based curator Karen Henry and urban planner Joost Bakker of Hotson, Bakker, Boniface Hayden.  The team developed a curatorial focus for the inaugural artist-initiated projects: Mapping and Marking 2010.  Because of the event’s global attention, artists were asked to respond to the broad concepts of mapping and marking, particularly as ways of encouraging exploration and involvement with the city, its inhabitants and the ecological, economic, and social processes that shape Vancouver.


McKinley and Henry managed the commissioning of eight established and emerging artists and artist teams (selected from a pool of over 120) who created both temporary and permanent works for Mapping and Marking 2010.


The projects included:
Surface, Fiona Bowie, False Creek Community Centre, 2010
Every Letter In The Alphabet, Geoffrey Farmer, 2010
Vancouver Vancouver Vancouver, Vanessa Kwan, Roundhouse Community Centre, Vancouver Central Public Library and Granville Island, February 13 – March 21, 2010
Monument for East Vancouver, Ken Lum, Clark Drive and 6th Avenue, 2010
Kingsway Luminaires, David MacWilliam, Kingsway at Knight Street
Blue, Project Rainbow (Sydney Vermont, Heidi Nutley, Jesse Birch and Jade Boyd)
various locations, February 13 – March 21, 2010
Sensory Maps of Vancouver, Anna Ruth, Various Vancouver bus shelters, January 25 – March 21, 2010
5, Paul Wong, February 13 – March 13, 2010