Sprint Center Arena Public Art

Chris Doyle - The Moons1
Chris Doyle - The Moons2
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Sprint Center Arena Public Art

Client: Kansas City Municipal Arts Commission
Location: Sprint Center Arena
Selected Artist: Chris Doyle

Pictured Above: The Moons by Chris Doyle, 2007. Photo courtesy of the artist.


“The arena building sits quietly in its massive presence, while ‘The Moons’ entreats pedestrians and drivers to interact as they pass by. The artist has created a visually tactile and playful environment which responds synergistically to its much larger and stoic sibling.” —Porter Arneill, Director, Kansas City Municipal Arts Commission


Via Partnership worked with the Kansas City Municipal Arts Commission to facilitate the selection of an artist to create a site-specific work for the Sprint Center Arena – downtown Kansas City’s new state-of-the-art sports and entertainment facility. Via managed an open call to artists and guided the jury process for this $1.3 million public art project.  The selected artist, Chris Doyle, created The Moons, which was installed in the fall of 2007 and consists of three 10-foot circular LED screens suspended over a series of micro-gardens in the plaza along Grand Avenue. The videos depict more than 600 people from Kansas City flying across the screens. They run 24 hours per day and change with the seasons. The project was selected because of its witty references to the overall architectural form of the arena and its innovative approach to fountain design relevant in the “City of Fountains.”


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