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Central Park Public Art

Client: Brinkley Sargent Architects working for the City of Grand Prairie, Texas
Location: Grand Prairie, Texas
Selected Artists: Cao-Perrot Studio and Tim Prentice

Pictured Above: Willow Tree by Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot, 2010. Icarii by Tim Prentice, 2010. Photos courtesy of the artists.


Grand Prairie’s Central Park is defined by grand artistic statements throughout the park. Via managed two inaugural public art projects.


While developing the Public Art Plan for Grand Prairie’s new Central Park, Via worked with Brinkley Sargent Architects and the City to commission works of art for two of the parks many activity zones. Via worked with BSA to develop a Call for Artists and scope of work, managed a juried artist selection process for each art opportunity and then facilitated the commissioning and installation of each work. Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot of Cao | Perrot studio were selected to create a stainless steel willow tree with 80,000 mother of pearl leaves. The tree is situated on a foundation in the lake adjacent to the promenade and visible from The Summit, the newly opened adult activity center. The arcing tree branches stand 25’ above the water and the leaves shimmer and sway above the water.


Tim Prentice was selected to create a series of five mobiles, called Icarii, with shimmering aluminum forms that move with the flow of air in the building for the central lobby of the Summit to enhance the lobby’s view of the Lakeside Promenade and engage Adult Activity Center users.


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