St. Louis Lambert International Airport

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Lambert Art and Culture Program

Client: St. Louis Lambert International Airport
Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Pictured Above: New Village by Alicia LaChance, 2012, Photo courtesy of Richard Sprengeler.
Beyond Words: Three Contemporary Artists and the Manuscript Tradition curated by MOCRA at Saint Louis University, Photo courtesy of MOCRA and Kevin Lowder.
Alight on St. Louis by Ellie Balk, 2017, Photo courtesy of the artist.
Carol Carter installing Elements, 2017, Photo by Via Partnership.
Spectroplexus by Washington University in St. Louis Same Fox School of Design and Visual Arts Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design,  2017, Photo courtesy of St. Louis Lambert International Airport.
Wherever by Eva Lundsager, 2012, Photo by Via Partnership.
The Confluene by Joan Hall, 2012, Photo by Via Partnership. 


“We have a wealth of artistic talent in our community and this project is a great first step to enhance the Airport experience, foster civic pride and create a positive lasting impression of St. Louis for our visitors.” —Rhonda Hamm-Niebruegge, STL Airport Director


In 2004, Via developed a plan that established an Airport Art and Culture Program as part of STL Airport’s Experience Program, a $70 million renovation project to improve the airport’s operations and pay tribute to the building’s iconic architecture and historic role as a civic space and landmark. The plan articulated a vision for art commissions and programs that create a visually outstanding impression of St. Louis, generate community pride, and ensure that art at STL complements and builds upon its rich visual history; as well as, recommended procedures for new art commissions and exhibitions.


Via has continued working with St. Louis Lambert Airport to help establish and provide ongoing facilitation of the Airport Art Advisory Committee (AAAC), a seven-member committee appointed by the mayor of the City of St. Louis, and to administer the Lambert Art and Culture Program.


The first projects commissioned through the Lambert Art and Culture Program are a series of nine permanent, architectural art-glass panel triptychs installed along the concourses at the entry to select hold rooms. Via defined the scope of the project and facilitated the AAAC’s selection of nine St. Louis-based artists to create two-dimensional works of art that were translated into art-glass. Via also advised on the selection of a glass fabricator for the project and negotiated their scope of work, including a method for the nine selected artists to effectively interface and collaborate with the fabricator in the interpretation of their work.


Via also facilitated the selection of an artist for a 23’ terrazzo medallion near the newly renovated C Concourse security checkpoint and participated in meetings with artist and fabricator to ensure faithful interpretation of artist’s design.


In addition to planning for and managing permanent public art projects, Via works with St. Louis Lambert International Airport and the AAAC to organize temporary exhibitions of local artists, or local culture, history and science organizations to activate the growing number of art installation spaces at the airport. Currently there are more than eleven locations for visitors to enjoy rotating exhibitions of art and culture throughout the airport’s two terminals, including two gallery spaces for comprehensive exhibitions, several locations for wall hanging artwork, and most recently the additions of site-specific murals in the baggage claim of Terminal 2 and a temporary installation space in the high, spacious ceiling of Terminal 2.


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