1812 N. Moore Street Public Art, Arlington, VA

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1812 N. Moore Street Public Art

Client: Monday Properties
Location: Rosslyn, Arlington, VA
Selected Artist: Christian Moeller

Pictured Above: Quill by Christian Moeller, 2014. Photos by Serge Hoeltschi. 


As part of their development at 1812 North Moore Street in Rosslyn, Monday Properties agreed to re-clad the adjacent two-and-a-half-story 1960s-style Dominion Virginia Power Substation and create a new aluminum and stone-paneled facade for the substation that incorporated a major piece of public art. Monday Properties hired Via Partnership to help them find the right artist for this prominent $750,000 public art project and to manage the project through design, fabrication and installation.


Via worked closely with the selected artist, Los Angeles-based Christian Moeller, to shepherd his work through Arlington County’s approval processes. Moeller’s resulting 184 ft. x 18.5 ft. pixilated mural Quill is inspired by patterns of eagle feathers. It celebrates the successful return of the bald eagle to the banks of the Potomac River after years of threatened extinction. The artwork is made of nearly 20,000 reflective discs mounted on aluminum panels. During the day, the discs appear light green with changing pearlescent shades revealed as the viewer moves along the street. At night, the artwork turns into a vibrant play of color, reflecting the surrounding traffic lights – a visual performance created entirely by the reflection and amplification of its urban nighttime environment without the need for any outside energy source.


Quill was recognized as one of the year’s best public artworks by the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Year in Review 2015.