Public Art Curriculum Kit

StL Pack

St. Louis Public Art Consortium

Project title:  STL Public Art Curriculum Kit (STL PACK)
Client: St. Louis Public Art Consortium
Location: St. Louis region
Partners: Jane Birdsall Lander, Barbara Decker, and Butch Black Design


The St. Louis region hosts so many exciting and innovative public art programs. The St. Louis Public Art Public Art Consortium was developed to highlight their projects and encourage local schools to use these projects as learning tools, bringing art from the streets into our schools.


In 2000, Via Partnership brought together 10 organizations in the St. Louis metropolitan area involved in commissioning public art, including municipalities, universities, cultural district, and a transit agency, to develop joint educational programs.  The first project was a public art brochure, distributed through local hotels and art centers.  The second project was the creation of an interdisciplinary Public Art Curriculum Kit, written by Jane Birdsall-Lander and Barbara Decker and designed by Butch Black Design.


Through images, locator maps, posters, teaching suggestions and information about each artwork, the Public Art Curriculum Kit is designed to encourage teachers and their students to explore the nature of public art and to establish a context for understanding it. The suggested activities focus on aesthetics in the Looking at Art section, as well as social studies, language arts, math, science, technology, performing arts and art-making activities.  The kit exists both as a packet distributed to teachers throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area and as a website, accessible to teachers, parents and anyone else interested in learning about and teaching about public art.  Via raised the funding for this project, coordinated the participation of the ten partnering organizations, helped to develop a teacher advisory committee, and collaborated with the writers and designers who developed the piece.