east midtown greenway

By highlighting the beautiful shapes of organic diatoms, artist Stacy Levy, working as a member of the design team, visually connects the graceful esplanade with the East River which runs beneath it. The project fills a major gap in the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway between East 53rd and East 61st Streets along the East River, providing much-desired waterfront access and open space for the East Midtown community and the public at large. As part of the construction of the esplanade, Levy designed custom pavers for the walkway that depict the ornate silica shells of diatoms — single-celled, photosynthetic organisms that live in the East River and are crucial to life on earth, supplying much of the oxygen we breath.

Via joined the design team, led by Stantec and facilitated an extensive, community-based invitational competition, design team workshops, interviews, and public presentations to select Levy for the project. The new open space was dedicated on December 19, 2023 by NYC Parks, the New York Economic Development Corporation and NY DOT.

Pictured Above:

Touring the Waterfront during installation of Stacy Levy’s artwork, 2022.

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