public art plan and inaugural commissions

EpicCentral in Grand Prairie is defined by bold artistic statements. Via developed a Public Art Plan for this 172-acre park and worked with Brinkley Sargent Architects and the City of Grand Prairie to commission and install the inaugural works of art for two of the park’s activity zones. 

Andy Cao and Xavier Perrot of Cao I Perrot Studio created Willow Tree, a stainless-steel tree rising from the park’s lake. Its arching branches hold 80,000 mother of pearl leaves that stand 25’ above the water and shimmer, sway and cast reflections on the water’s surface. Adjacent to the lake, in The Summit adult activity center, Tim Prentice created Icarii – a series of five mobiles with shimmering aluminum forms that reflect light and move with the flow of air in the building in mesmerizing ways.

Pictured Above:

Cao | Perrot Studio, Willow Tree, 2010, photos courtesy of the artists.


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