san diego international airport arts master plan

The San Diego International Airport Arts Master Plan, approved in 2019, emphasizes the role the Airport’s Arts Program plays in customer experience, place-making, community impact, and artistic excellence across the program’s three core components: Performing Arts, Public Art, and Temporary Exhibitions. It includes a detailed Site and Opportunities plan that outlines locations and projects associated with the replacement of Terminal 1 and also defines the role of the program in the future when no major capital projects are on the horizon. 

Via collaborated with Todd W. Bressi and Victoria Plettner-Saunders to develop the plan, consulting with  the Airport’s Arts Advisory Committee, and Airport Authority and T1 terminal renovation project stakeholder groups. We conducted extensive research and roundtable meetings, intercept and online surveys, benchmarking, and preliminary economic impact studies. And, we met with representatives from the visual and performing arts community and educational organizations to capture and reflect the program’s role in the local arts ecosystem.

The resulting Arts Master Plan has served as the foundational document for many projects and programs, including the selection of six artists for major new commissions in The New T1 and for Under the Wing –  a mentorship program for emerging artists.

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Left: Pages from the San Diego International Airport Arts Master Plan. Right: Touring the Airport with stakeholders.

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