sculpture city st. louis 2014

Sculpture City St. Louis 2014 was a year-long collaborative program convened by Laumeier Sculpture Park in collaboration with regional colleagues to support and promote sculpture in the St. Louis region. Via Partnership worked with Laumeier and the Sculpture City Steering Committee to manage all programming and communications related to the initiative, which engaged the community in a conversation about the rich presence of sculpture in the city through social media, online resources, and public programming.

As part of Sculpture City, Via planned and executed Monument / Anti-Monument, a three-day international conference in St. Louis that brought together experts from around the world to explore contemporary thinking about the intersection of sculpture and the public realm. With eight different sessions and multiple tours around the city, the conference focused on public sculpture and monuments of St. Louis in addition to providing global viewpoints of sculpture and its role in our society.

Pictured Above:

Top: Sculpture City Conference events at Laumeier Sculpture Park and Contemporary Art Museums St. Louis, 2014. Bottom Left: Sculpture City materials, 2014. Bottom Center and Right: Monument / Anti-Monument conference for Sculpture City Saint Louis 2014, photo by Kevin Miyazaki.

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