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Via began working with St. Louis Lambert International Airport in 2004 during the planning for a major renovation of the historic Terminal 1 building. Initially, we developed a plan that established the Lambert Art and Culture Program with the goals of elevating the visitor experience at the airport, uplifting regional pride by paying tribute to the airport’s iconic architecture and historic role, and celebrating the energy and talents of the region’s cultural community. Since then, we have worked with the Airport and the Program’s recommending body, the Airport Art Advisory Committee (AAAC), to commission numerous permanent and temporary site-specific pieces in a wide variety of media from local, national, and international artists. We help the Airport define the scope for public art projects, facilitate artist selections, and work closely with Airport staff, artists, fabricators, installers, and others to make these projects happen.

Among the many projects we have managed for the airport are nine architectural art-glass panel triptychs designed by local artists and installed in 2009;  a 23’ terrazzo floor medallion titled New Village by Alicia LaChance that has become iconic part of the C-Concourse; a large-scale, site-specific artwork by Sarah Morris –The Building as a Pretext [Sound Graph] commissioned to celebrate the Airport’s 100th anniversary; a custom commemorative work by Martin Donlin recognizing the accomplishments of Airport founder Major Albert Bond Lambert; and a nature-inspired outdoor mural Medicine by Simiya Sudduth to welcome visitors to the airport. In addition to these permanent projects, we have helped the airport commission a range of temporary installations, including murals and community collaborations. We also work with Airport staff and the AAAC to organize temporary exhibitions of local artists and local cultural organizations to activate a dozen art installation spaces at the Airport. 

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Pictured Above:

Top Left: Sarah Morris, The Building as a Pretext [Sound Graph], 2021, Suzy Gorman Photography. Top Right: Alicia LaChance, New Village, 2012, Richard Sprengeler Photography. Bottom left: Martin Donlin, Dream Beyond the Clouds, 2021, Richard Sprengeler Photography. Bottom Center: Eva Lundsager, Wherever, 2012, Richard Sprengeler Photography. Bottom Right: Simiya Sudduth painting, Medicine, 2021, photo by Via Partnership.

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