lambert art and culture program
st. louis lambert international airport

Via works alongside staff at St. Louis Lambert International Airport to manage the day-to-day coordination and facilitation of the Art at the Airport Program, which includes a robust program of temporary commissions and exhibitions. 

Over the past ten years, we have helped the Airport create exhibition opportunities for nearly one hundred local exhibitors, including artists, makers and curators, as well as arts, culture and science organizations. We work with the Airport Art Advisory Committee (AAAC) to make selections and then work with the selected artists and exhibitors to help them develop successful exhibitions in various Airport locations. Exhibitions have included group shows of local artists’ work, highlights from special cultural collections, commissions of nationally recognized original artwork, displays of upcycled handicrafts and folk art. We have also worked with the airport to commission three temporary murals, manage a temporary public art installation by Washington University in St. Louis graduate students, and organize performing arts series.

These temporary installations and exhibitions elevate the Airport experience and give visitors an engaging way to spend time in the Airport, while building audiences for local artists and organizations.  The Lambert Art and Culture Program also commissions site-specific permanent artwork, and we work with Airport staff and the AAAC to select artists for these projects and bring them to fruition, as well. Learn more about our work on permanent installations at the airport.    

For more information: Art of Travel

Pictured Above:

Top Left: Triggy Herrington, The Smile Series, 2019 exhibition, photo by Via Partnership. Top Right: Firecracker Press, The Solar System, 2017 exhibition, photo by STL Airport. Bottom Left: Missouri Botanical Garden, Plants and People, 2019 exhibition, photo by Via Partnership. Bottom Center: Addoley Dzegede, Here and Elsewhere, 2018 exhibition, photo by Via Partnership. Bottom Right: Carmelita Nuñez, Head in the Clouds, 2021 exhibition, photo by Via Partnership.

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